Wildlife Photographer Captures A UFO

Seeing and photographing animals popping out from nowhere is not new to wildlife photographer Ken Rice. However, something unusual suddenly appeared when he was out shooting photos on Saturday. His camera lens captured something he has never seen before. He could not explain the thing that came out of nowhere. Rice is a resident in Oshawa and was at the marsh area close to the General Motors of Canada headquarters situated on Colonel Sam Drive when he noticed the strange object off in the distance at around 7:45 p.m. on 17th June.


Rice said that he was walking back to his car and spotted something that popped out all of a sudden far away in the sky. He first thought that it was a big turkey vulture, so he decided to take a photo of it as it hovered, remained there for a minute and went away.

When Rice got home, he took a closer look at the image. However, he has no idea what could be the object.

The object was faster and too high for a balloon, according to Rice. He called the unknown aerial thing as UFO since he could not identify the object and no one could give an explanation after he posted the photo on Facebook.

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  1. It looks like a star balloon, like here: forgetomori.com/2008/ufos/spiky-ufo-in-brazil-no-ufo-to-brazilians/


  2. Weird. I have seen sun balloons and sunflower shaped balloons but they are basic shapes. This looks a little more intricate that those ones. Puzzling.

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