A Woman Spots and Films UFO Sighting In Tallahassee

Tallahassee UFO

A woman has claimed that she saw a UFO over Tallahassee, Florida and recorded it on video to prove her bizarre sighting. Sharla Daire-Brady is saying that she noticed the glowing unidentified flying object on June 17. The reporting witness reveals that she and her husband got up early that day to go fishing.

Sharla points out that the light got bigger and bigger as she walked closer to it.

She started to freak out but still managed to pull out her phone and start recording. When she recorded it on video, the mysterious light began changing colours and going all over the area while getting closer to her.

Suddenly, the bright light allegedly looked like an enormous green triangle. Sharla states that the flash remained for a few seconds before it flew away.

She then ran to share her husband what she had seen, but he was sceptical saying to her that she was just lack of sleep. However, with her UFO sighting video, he started to believe in her.

She has been showing the video to several friends as well who are also convinced that the unusual flying object does not appear to be any known aircraft or drone.

Sharla believes that she saw a UFO that she describes as too fast and too erratic to be a drone or any kind of aircraft.

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  1. looks good. pretty color. oh, if you get abducted, you won’t know it til you find your missing time. then i would start to worry!

  2. This object looks real. Only one thing that looks strange.There is nothing in background. To give reference to size it may be. All of the background,is Totally Black?

  3. Unless you exprerienced it, you could not possibly believe it. If you are one of the fortunate or unfortunate to experience an encounter, you are not crazy. These exterretrial beings do exist and within the next 50 years there will be evidence and proof of it just as when it was proven the earth was not flat. Get ready for the truth.

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