Triangle UFO sighting filmed over Warr Acres, Oklahoma 19-Jun-2017


Triangle-shaped craft was seen and recorded in the sky above Warr Acres in Oklahoma on 19th June 2017.

Witness report: On June 19th at around 3:30 am we were headed westbound on NW 50th Street in Warr Acres, OK.

I first noticed the object in the distance as 3 lights. I immediately started filming it and as we got closer my phone’s camera stopped working, it wouldn’t focus and wouldn’t let me continue filming.

When we approached the intersection of NW 50th and Grove we noticed that the UFO was triangular in shape, with 3-4 lights, the lights were mostly white with a red blinking light in the center of the triangle. There was no sound from the object whatsoever. It was almost as if the object noticed us, and at that point it took off very quickly southeasterly. We continued to follow it for about a mile when it just vanished entirely.

While strange, this event did not cause me to feel any fear, if anything it was curiosity and shock. My gut instinct is that this was a drone of some sort, but despite doing a lot of research I have been unable to find any example of what we saw.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. My friends thought a new cell phone tower was a UFO a few years ago, it had 3 white light on the sides and a red blinking light in the center top.
    I want to say certain government agencies put out fake UFO/Alien videos to discredit real ones. They make a straw-man to point at and say “look this one is fake so that one has to be fake too.”

  2. I belive that you are right,as to this could be a drone. If it is one of our(s) goverment .They will not reveal this. We All Know this as Fact.

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