Austria: Double UFO Sightings Capture In Two Separate Videos Showing Two Mysterious Flying Machines


UFO enthusiasts are wondering what could be the identity of the mysterious objects on videos that were captured by two different witnesses in Graz, Austria on June 30 of this year. The movements of the unusual objects alone have intrigued the UFO community.

Two witnesses from different locations in Graz managed to record the strange aerial event on videos. UFO Institute then uploaded the clips to YouTube.

The videos show two mysterious objects in early twilight on June 30. The unusual things appear to have dual lights while performing manoeuvres above the city. Many think that they are interacting with each other as they travel in the skies.

The behaviour of the two objects prompted some UFO enthusiasts to believe they were not manned machines. However, some UFO sceptics think otherwise as they consider the lights to be likely human-made. Others suggest the lights were acrobatic aircraft from the Blanix Team, which usually performs above the Graz airport.

Another suggestion is that the lights may be from petrol-powered drones as some frames in the video show fumes coming out of the machines, which could mean they are burning fuel.
Some believe that the UFOs could be ultralights, which are known as flying machines with engines.

Nevertheless, the complex movements of the two UFOs have baffled both sceptics and believers as very few known aircraft can pull off such manoeuvres.

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  1. W
    Why is it so hard for people to believe in ets….they been here since the beginning… If anything we are the project made by them…wake up people…every UFO clip is not fake

  2. Excellent videos,Could be 1. Very good remote controlled drones. 2.Goverment,Reverse enginerred technology.3 The Real thing.UFO’s….

  3. they are 2 teams of men in some motorized para glider with these flaming sparks coming out the back. they have been seen over last month or so and has been fully confirmed. so not alien but yeh it does look interesting from start.

  4. do you want to know the truth or just one of those people who like to hide the truth and when someone tries to let people know what things are, you censor it. they were over an airport and they been practicing for months and viewed by thousands. i know we been lied to for years and need to correctly distinguish real from fake/human activity. this is not a ufo but some aerobic team in motorized gliders just look for yourself.

  5. Dunno what they are, but that black cloud in the background is more interesting, it looks like the Enterprise from Star Trek.

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