Edwin Fuhr Shares His UFO Sighting In 1974 During An Interview


An eyewitness revealed in an interview that he saw many small silver disks landed in his farming field. Farmer Edwin Fuhr, 36, was at his grape crop at about 11:00 am to make a harvest. All of a sudden, he noticed a metallic dome object in a grassy area about 50 feet away. Trying to investigate the mysterious thing, he left his swather and walked around 15 feet of the object.

Seeing the object spinning and swirling the grass underneath made him afraid and backed away. He climbed back on the swather to look around and observed four more domes in a rough semi-circle, all looked the same, spinning and hovering approximately a foot over the ground.

Then one object took off, which was followed by the other four quickly, going up in a step formation. They stopped in approximately 200 feet with their exhaust-like extensions at the base emitting a puff of gray vapor. He saw the vapor extending about six feet. He then noticed a downward gust of the wind that flattened the rape in the immediate area.

The mysterious objects then formed a straight line, hovered for about two minutes, then suddenly went up into the low cloud cover and vanished.

Fuhr later learned that cattle in a field nearby had bellowed and broken through a fence during the time of the sighting. Eager to learn something more about what had taken place, he went into the landing area and saw five rings of depressed grass swirled in a clockwise pattern. He found no traces of heat or burning. Later that month, more circles were reported in the area.

Canadian Press quoted Ron Morier, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable, saying there was something and he doubted it was a hoax. He said the witness appeared genuinely scared and no indication that it had been wheeled in or out.

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  1. Very interesting. I don’t know if they are extraterrestrial or if they are some unknown things (people?) from earth, but absolutely fascinating.

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