Night Vision Camera Reportedly Captures US Military Jets Chasing UFOs


Around 50 people are claiming that the US Air Force jets chased UFOs in the night sky. The strange event reportedly took place at Landers, California at around 10 pm on May 21. The witnesses reported seeing two light sources, which they believed two objects. A military aircraft allegedly tailed the two unidentified flying objects.

These witnesses observed the bizarre UFOs and the military aircraft after a major UFO conference. The night sky watch was performed using night vision goggles with video cameras. The person who submitted the report to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the biggest organisation of UFO and alien research in the world, has not been named.

According to the report, a large, amber-coloured light appeared low on the horizon, behind Giant Rock. Around 20 of the 50 plus people ran to get a better view of the light, which seemed to be large to the naked eye. Some of the witnesses said that the UFO flew like a bumble bee.

Through night-vision goggles, the UFO was described as appearing like a huge UFO in a diamond shape.

The object then allegedly flew behind a small hill behind the larger group of witnesses.

As the others who ran came back to join the rest of the group, they reportedly all saw three military jets flying above in the direction of the strange aerial thing that disappeared behind the hill.

After the UFO and the three military jets were gone, the group apparently heard the sound of a low flying aircraft from behind the hill. The jet reportedly flew fast and appeared to chase a faster, large, red-glowing light.

The military jet made a loud noise as it flew directly above the witnesses, but the large red light had no sound at all. The jet had red and white blinking strobe lights and glowing afterburners, but the mysterious light had no blinking lights.

The witnesses who observed the strange event with goggles said that they saw either one object with two light sources on it or two lights.

The problem with the video is that it has no sound.

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  1. These UFOs don’t seen to concerned about the jets following them. I Wonder if these UFOs. Could be Reversed engineered technology,being used.By Our own goverment. Part of the Black Opts projects. And the jets following them,are insurance. In case of an incident.? All comments are welcome

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