Three-fingered Alien Spotted at a Peru Convention: Illusion or Factual?


Many people have consulted the help of psychic experts about the alien abduction and being abducted by humanoid creatures. Many popular websites or Social Media like Facebook or YouTube have actual video footage of alien sightings and encounters. Many of these videos look genuine since they could be made to look realistic. Therefore, it is essential for you to collect as much information as you possibly can about the alien before making any concrete decision about them. The more that you learn about them, the more likely you will see for yourself that an alien story can make people panic.

Alien hunters are divided with the idea of whether the footage of a tiny, three-fingered humanoid-like creature found in Peru is merely an illusion or factual. The humanoid creature was allegedly unearthed in Nazca, Peru by Jaime Maussan, an investigative journalist. Now some fans are hailing the footage as evidence that the extraterrestrials lived on Earth at once. In a short documentary, a professor at Saint-Petersburg University named Dr Konstantin Korotkov claims that these humanoid features are not a form of deformity, but a creature or humanoid. The body was covered with white powder to preserve it.

Though the result has not been confirmed as a factual basis, Carbon dating samples of the body have been made which dates between 245 to 410 AD. According to a website called Ancient Origins, they should keep an open mind. However, others claim it is, of course, fake and should debunk as a hoax. Many people refer to this incident as a “cover up” by the government. However, there is no evidence found to support this that has ever been reported by the government itself. As far as crafts are concerned, we have to keep aware that we may or may not have been visited by space creatures. For now, the answers lie in our own beliefs.


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