Hollywood Actor Opens Up About UFO Experiences For The First Time Ever

Yaphet Kotto

American actor Yaphet Kotto, who is known for several film roles, opens up about his UFO experiences. The 77-year-old actor who starred in blockbuster films including alien (1979), The Running Man (1987) and Live and Let Die (1973) talks about it publicly for the first time. Prior to it, he only told his wife, a rabbi and a psychologist.

According to Kotto, his lifelong UFO experiences started when he was a child in his own home. He briefly encountered an entity that was at least five or six feet tall with an elongated head.

Since then, he claimed to have seen unusual things, including a stadium-sized UFO turning upside down, which blotted out the entire sky.

Kotto also described a sighting through meditation wherein a UFO would show up as if by request but did not elaborate further on it.

The actor said that he doesn’t care whether anyone thinks he is delusional. He also added that he has nothing to promote at this time, so his delusion is over.

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