Researchers Document Large UFO in Squamish On Video


A giant orb that was captured on video near the Stawamus Chief excites London, Ontario documentary and research crew Rob Freeman and Marcus McNabb. The pair has travelled to 30 cities and 11 countries in the past three years with a determination to document what is out there after being inspired by experiences during their childhood years.

The sighting is the best they got on video to date, according to Freeman, who is a senior field researcher for the scientific study of atmospheric anomalies. Freeman added that the happenings in the world are not known to many people.

The crew used night imaging technology for collecting data to see the visible and invisible. On July 22, the pair arrived in Squamish. An unnamed man at the Britannia Mine gift shop shared them a story on unusual things on the Chief trail.

When the night came, the duo entered the forest and soon after they reportedly saw a large sphere of light moving across the sky and descending into the woods.

The UFO has no sound, and they were certain it was not a plane.

While the sighting was just short, Freeman was able to record the thing. Freeman explained that the orb was in front of the trees because the trees behind the orb were all lit up.

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