Mysterious Object Comes Out From What Seems To Be A Portal


A strange object was allegedly observed coming out of a portal in the sky. While driving home, a couple from Alexandria, Louisiana claimed to have spotted a UFO appearing from a funnel below a circular cloud.

Popular conspiracy theory channel SecureTeam10 uploaded the video online. The narrator says the couple contacted them and described their experience.

According to the report, one of the pair stated that they were driving home when a white doughnut shaped cloud materialised in the sky.

The couple had got a photo of it before it got too dark. Moments later, they pulled into their driveway and got out of the vehicle. They saw the sky had gotten dark brown and noticed the vapour like funnel around the doughnut shaped cloud had started to come down from the centre. At the same time, an oval shaped translucent object that was surrounded by lights appeared at the bottom.

According to the witness, the UFO hovered long enough in the sky for them to take pictures before it disappeared.

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  1. It looks like the “Starship Enterprise” from Startrek fame. Very good and of course Unidentified as required for a UFO…

  2. last to are trolls thanks for spreadying ur misinfo and anways they are real u are welcome to say whatever u like! …. lmao… but humans matter to thoguh i guess…

  3. anyways thats a amsing sighting ive had a military helicopter come visit me when i was talking to a city sized acutrian craft well more like size of a town but they vary and stuff alot! city sized ones are real! jeff bezos would know he hangs out with ets fur fucs sake! he pretty much has admitted that…. publicly…

  4. miiltary knows and world goverments theres other civilzations in both of thoe all over earth and many leaders of companies and other stuff are from other places in space time… hi robos

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