MUST SEE! Triangle-shaped UFO filmed over New York by two different witnesses 31-Jul-2017


I just found these two UFO videos of a triangular formation that were both filmed over New York on 31st July 2017. The most interesting part is that they were captured by two different witnesses on a different location.

What do you think about it?

First video:

Here’s the witness report from the first video that was captured over Oceanside, NY: 3 lights forming a triangle traveled north to south (out to the ocean) above myself and 3 other witnesses who were sitting in my backyard at 9:14 pm on Saturday, July 29th. The 3 orbs were completely silent and one of the witnesses saw a 4th light following the 3 in triangle formation. In the video, you can see a plane so hopefully that gives a reference point to the speed and altitude of the lights. When I saved the video to my desktop, it came out sideways. I didn’t want MUFON or anyone else to think that I tampered with or manipulated the video in any way so I have uploaded the video as-is. Feel free to rotate the video. The original video was shot on my iphone.

Let me know what you think it is! I posted the video to facebook and some people thought it was either (a) drones or (b) Chinese lanterns. I had no way of calculating speed or altitude but if the lights are moving fast enough, that may rule out both a and b above. Feel free to reach out with any questions and I’ll try to be as helpful as I can.

Second video:

Your opinion?
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  1. I’ve seen these in 2012. I was going home after college classes (I’m 56) and I saw a really bright light coming towards me. I thought it was the life flight helicopter leaving the Southbridge hospital…but it was moving too fast. I stopped my car to see what it was. I was in a part of a country road that had no street lights and no house lights. I watched it go over me…it was completely silent. It was close to the tree tops. This happened in Charlton Mass. I’ll never forget it!!! I didn’t have a camera or cell phone at the time. 🙁

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