Why Brazil’s Night of UFOs Is the Most Legitimate Encounter

Humans tend to interpret every object since they are pattern-seeking creatures. Sometimes, we are correct in our assessments, but many times we just misunderstand, misperceive or misremember. Due to the demanding and challenging nature of the UFOs, it is not uncommon to see and hear the idea of ignoring the thoughts of alien and extraterrestrial enthusiasts. With alien encounters, people usually find that an explanation depends on not necessarily in the skies, but the mentality of every individual.

ufo-brazil1986While the opinions of critics drown out the voices of those who believe the existence of legitimate aliens, some events beguile explanation. The best illustration would be the Brazil’s Night of UFOs. Enthusiasts and locals alike have been amazed to such incident, which is probably the reason why it has become the most legitimate UFO-related encounter in decades. Interestingly, the incident has been easily forgotten despite the comprehensive national coverage of the encounter in the days that followed. Brazil’s Night of UFOs took place on May 19, 1986, and it covered approximately 21 unidentified objects that were seen by the Air Force radars of the country. According to a Redditor, the strange objects were observed by different witnesses in various parts of the country, comprising Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. What was terrific about the Night of UFOs in Brazil was not the number of strange objects that were spotted that night, but the transparency and the reaction of the Brazilian government and military during the incident was notable.

The country’s Air Force night was deployed during the Brazil’s Night of UFOs to investigate and engage with mysterious objects. The aircraft released were capable of soaring at high speeds. However, reports say that strange air vessels outran the military fighters, flying as fast as 2500 mph. The entire rivalry between them has lasted for three hours. According to later reports, the U.S. government got involved, but its full disclosure was never revealed. The incidents released were the usual sceptical explanations regarding what might have taken place during the Night such as the ball lightning, meteor showers, a reflection of the full moon, or an issue concerning the Air Force’s radar system. Without a doubt, interest in the incident died for decades.

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