Video of Triangular-shaped Craft Spotted over the UK


Sightings of bizarre triangular-shaped UFOs are being reported day by day, leading to claims that aliens could be visiting the Earth in the mysterious crafts. Unidentified flying objects come in all sizes and shapes, from a flying saucer that looks like cartoons up to cigar-shaped space ships. Triangular-shaped objects are another common breed, with the more famous encounters occurring in the 1980s and 1990s. Accounts of silent and large triangular-shaped crafts are now being reported every week, with hundreds of videos, photos, and drawings resurfacing every single day.

riangular-shaped aliens have been spotted all over the world, with notable sightings documented in South Carolina, California, Maryland, Texas, Buenos Aires, Virginia, and the United Kingdom.
A bus driver saw a strange video footage of three aircraft. According to the latter, the strange object seen in the footage appears to make any altering triangle formation in the skies above the Exmouth. In fact, it formed a triangular pattern wobbling slightly and rotating on its axis. Currently, the case was being examined by the UFO specialist and investigators on April 17. The witness firmly believed that the object was not normal. Though he was already interested with aliens and extraterrestrials before, this does not hinder his credibility as an eyewitness of a strange sighting. He admitted, however, that his camera had a hard time focusing on te formation due to the street lights. He moved closer to the river for a better view and was able to shot a footage which lasted for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Afterward, he took seven photos and shot another 41-second video. He even shared his difficulty in going back to the bus and saw four people getting out of the car. He managed to point out the object to the people, but they seem not very interested.

Sightings of mysterious triangle spaceships do not appear to be the reason for any injury or harm.

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  1. I and my five friends saw this Triangular-shaped object around year 2008, here in Slovakia. Was deep night and we sitting in near fire. From time to time i am trying find out what it was. I remember clean sky and as it fly over our heads without noise. Nobody should recognize the size of object or how far it is. I believe it is spionage drone or some kind of military exercice because we was very close to military barracks.

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