Controversial UFO Enthusiast Goes on Trial for Child Pornography


Stanley “Stan” Romanek is a known author at the same time the most controversial UFO enthusiast. He was given the opportunity to speak at the International UFO Congress. Above all, he claims to have been abducted by the aliens, sustained mysterious injuries done by the aliens. He even shared his experienced telepathic communications with the aliens. According to him, it was in 2000 that he first encountered the aliens and he begins seeing and experiencing strange extraterrestrials and humanoid creatures since that time, including the mysterious wounds on his body and communicating with the aliens over a Ghost Box. Romanek says he came to suspect that such clothing belongs to Betty Hill, who happens to be a supposed abductee. But he claimed later on that the gown had not been tested for Hill’s DNA since the test was too expensive.Unfortunately, he has been unable to prove his alien-related claims.

The editor of the MUFON UFO Journal Dwight Connely has seen it as the best current case due to the presence of injuries and markings on his body, videos of strange phenomena, independent witnesses, and somewhat tough mathematical formulas which seem to be well beyond the ability of Romanek. However, Connelly says that this case should be viewed only as a potential long-term case that will be considered legit ten years later.

In 2015, he admitted his strange moves of faking the unusual movement of objects which took place during his interview at 2014 on the Peter Maxwell Slattery Show. On Aug. 8, 2017, Romanek was not guilty of distribution of child pornography but guilty of felony possession of child pornography. It was allegedly discovered on his laptop the lewd material. When interviewed by the investigators, Romankek admitted that he had those some files only on his computer but did not know how they ended up on his laptop. He brought up the theory that a strange person had planted the images on his laptop. Both spouses have claimed they have been subjected to threats and targeted by hackers because they have secret knowledge about the UFO existence. Romanek pleaded not guilty in March 2016. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for Oct. 19, 2017.

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  1. first of all, how did you come to mention any clothing in the first paragraph? you were talking about mr romanek and then suddenly you mention clothing and betty hill. that was totally confusing. second, mr. romanek has been having alien encounters since his early childhood, not just suddenly in 2000. if you read his three books, you will be way more educated on his life than what you read that the tabloids claim he says. the man is legitimate. i feel very sorry for all the bullshit he is going through with the government, and i don’t believe for one single solitary second that he views and keeps child OVNIography. he was set up, and he has an unfortunate battle to win.

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