Survey Status: Half of Americans Still Believe in Aliens

Aliens Killing Human Beings

Is it just the people in the universe or does it seem like some are becoming into a conspiracy theorist these days? Spirit guides, aliens, and extraterrestrial spirits – These are the name of some mysterious pocket of eccentric or paranoia belief, and there is some massive online community devoted and dedicated to knowing and understanding it. According to the statistics, nearly half of the Americans still believe in aliens. In fact, it was evident that almost all people believe that aliens are visiting the earth due to the various sightings. Out of the figures, it was contended that at least 20% believes in alien abduction. More than 1700 Americans were surveyed by the 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. The latter commissioned the survey as a part of their promotional campaign for the release of the film entitled Phoenix Forgotten.

Phoenix Forgotten is a sci-fi thriller to set during a famous mass UFO sighting in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997 that is known as “The Phoenix Lights.” This phenomenon took place on March 13, 1997, which led them to introduce a new survey to determine where most Americans stand and how much is the rate of the people that believe in aliens. According to their survey, (47%) or nearly half believe in aliens, but only less than a fifth think they have ever seen an alien or a UFO themselves. For more interesting findings in this survey, 39% of respondents still believe that aliens have visited the Earth before. Even though many in the group still believe that aliens have visited Earth, only a few believe that aliens are abducting people. For accurate figures, approximately 18% of the group said they believe in alien abductions, 16.74% have seen one, and 27% knew someone who had.

Phoenix Forgotten shows aliens as a scary creature. Another found footage movie that premiered at the International UFO Congress in Phoenix, entitled The Phoenix Incident, was based on the Phoenix Lights event and portrayed this humanoid creature as a frightening monster. When people were asked if aliens have hostile or friendly intentions, only 9% said that they were hostile, but 25% believe aliens are friendly, and 66% stated that they were not sure.

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  1. Folks,in most of the movies. Coming out,there is Truth, being mixed in with the hocus-Pocus. That’s so most,just watch the movie, or show. For the entertainment.If your wondering,about some of the things. You see in these movies. There Is a Good possibility,that it’s True.Those things that seem just out there,probally are.

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