Secret Artist Immortalises UFO Sightings In Wiltshire With A Mural


A mural immortalises the sightings of a mysterious object in the skies of Wiltshire 50 years ago. Known as “The Warminster Thing,” the UFO sighting reports came from several people who heard strange sounds and spotted objects in the dark sky in 1965.

Warminster Information Centre organised the unique and memorable event, highlighted by the mural made by a “secret” artist. The information centre placed the artwork on the old police station wall.

George Rich of Warminster Information Centre said the mural has been getting a lot of attention where people are already taking several pictures.


Rich said that they’re happy with the development with photos of the painting now all over Facebook.

Leslie Blain, who is also connected with the information centre, said that it took them eight months to plan and organise the mural.

Blain said that it’s a secret as to who did the painting but it’s not done yet, so it is possible to catch him in action.

Blain revealed that the unknown artist will add some other elements, including the glow-in-the-dark paint. So, the wall will heat up over the day when it’s sunny and the picture will glow at night time, Blain explained.

National and local newspapers have featured photographs of flying saucers in Warminster, providing the town much publicity.

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