The UFO Mystery Revelation: Astronaut Breaks With Conclusive Proof


Unidentified Flying Object has always been the most debatable subject owing to its lack of judgment. While people relate them to aliens, it does not necessarily mean extraterrestrial invasion or visitation. It simply means any type or kind of object that is not readily identifiable. For the first time, a former NASA astronaut has publicly spoken about the world’s infamous cases that took place 20 years ago, saying he has a conclusive proof to resolve the mysteries. Tom Jones is a veteran of 11 years in four space shuttle missions. Before he joined the US space agency, he pondered on alien mystery saying that he can solve such 1996 UFO Tether occurrences.

The encounter involves a satellite breaking off. This satellite was believed to be tethered to the space shuttle. When the astronauts later filmed the incident, it shows hundreds of aliens appearing like organisms in a sea. Despite his evidence, conspiracy theorists are still unsatisfied with his conclusive proof. In an interview with the Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine, the discussion was about the old question about whether or not he or the astronauts has been a real alien vessel during their visitation in orbit.

Conspiracy theorists believe that there are proofs seen by NASA personnel and astronauts. In fact, there are those that blown the whistle. For those who opened spoken is Mr. Mitchell, but his testimony does not convince Jones. According to him, astronauts do not have alien proof. The reports have turned out to be pure ice crystals, lightning flashes, drifting orbital debris, or meteors streaking on the dark atmosphere underneath. It has been held that their search for extraterrestrial existence and some other civilizations ended up the proofs of alien civilizations. Many people think that aliens were a threat to the Earth, but this has not been proven at all.

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  1. There has been No proof. That these UFOs are here to hurt us. If this was the case, they could have done so a long time ago. [Given the Technology, they have.]

  2. The facts are. NOBODY knows what these UFOs actually are, what they want, if anything, where they come from, whether they are sentient or not. I really doubt if any World governments know either. It’s all speculation. Maybe we are just a video game of super alien kids.

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