The UFO Stories That Remained As Mysteries

Betty & Barney Hill

Scientists and conspiracy theorists may fight even with the small details due to the opposing viewpoints. Whether you believe the existence of extraterrestrial beings or not, experts came to design to dig at the mysterious and confusing accounts of alien sightings and abduction.

Frederick Valentich’s Disappearance
The 22-year old Frederick Valentich disappeared while training flight in a Cessna 182L light aircraft in Australia on 21 October 1978. According to Valentich, he could see a huge unknown vessel has four bright landing lights. He cannot confirm the type, but said it passed 1,000 feet overhead at a high speed. However, as soon as he stated that it is not an aircraft, he disappeared. His disappearance coincided with the sighting report.

Travis Walton’s Abduction Report
Travis Walton is an American logger who was abducted by an alien on November 5, 1975 while working with a logging crew in Arizona. After five days of working, Walton reappeared. Before his abduction, he and his crew saw a massive golden disc flying shining brightly. The men reported that Walton was below the object when the vessel wobble from side to side, and everything disappeared. UFO historian writes that abduction reports have generated much controversy.

Betty and Barney Hill Check in Of Nervous System
Barney and Betty Hill were an American couple who were abducted by aliens in New Hampshire from September 19, 1961, up to September 20, 1961. The Hills were driving to Portsmouth and observed a bright light in the sky. Betty found a “bizarre-shaped” craft flashing the multi-colored lights travelling across the face of the moon.

A Positive Note from John Salter Jr
John Salter Jr has a different view of an alien abduction. The sociology professor was driving in Wisconsin when he had an encounter with the “friendly” aliens. He claims that they were all gripped by amnesia. After regaining consciousness, the humanoid creatures were led away.

There are more registered UFO sightings than you believed them to be, at the same time debunkers are accompanying them.

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