UFO Seen Floating Over Los Angeles California


On the morning of August 28, a strange object visited the San Gabriel Valley. Julian Lopez uploaded a video to YouTube showing a helicopter apparently from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department circling the UFO over West Covina for an inspection. Lopez is convinced there’s a UFO over the San Gabriel Valley that looks like a big eyeball.

Several witnesses claimed to have seen a large, white balloon use for advertising. The balloon was reportedly emblazoned with a corporate logo. It was allegedly seen in the same time and place where the UFO was spotted.

It was still not clear, however, whether the advertising balloon was the same object that sparked UFO sighting reports.

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  1. if that’s an advertising balloon , how the heck do they expect the public to see what it says or depicts on it!! no it’s not, because it is way too high. even airplanes pulling advertising banners are huge enough to read from way up high. it’s very interesting the way the helicopter is watching it. a helicopter wouldn’t hover and fly around any advertising balloon on a cable. nope. it’s not of this world. don’t forget you would see sunglint on any cable. excellent video sir. what happened afterwards?

  2. If you look carefully in this same clip at 2min 47 seconds, there are other things flying past quickly in this clip. Why are governments not coming out !!!

  3. Maybe it’s an escaped Ad balloon before it got tethered and the chopper is watching it in case it interferes with air traffic. Just Saying!

  4. this is one of the best close-up videos of an orb i’ve ever seen! it is definitely an orb. with something clinging on to it. what amazes me is that it caught the helicopters attention. yet left after a couple of minutes. unless it was ordered to retreat. i bet you anything the helicopters staff would say there was nothing out there.
    it reminds me of those orbs that have been seen creating crop patterns. this one is definitely not man-made. curious how it finally left the area.

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