Three People From Different Areas Spot Similar UFO


Three people have come forward claiming that they photographed and videotaped a UFO in the skies over Plymouth. Alan Kingwell, 62, was one of the witnesses of the appearance of strange black shapes. Alan was shooting a time-lapse video in his garden in Plymouth when the UFO sighting took place. The footage shows two dark shapes hovering in the blue sky that sometimes covered with clouds.

David Shepherd of Plymstock also noticed similar shapes on one of his photos. He believes may have spotted the same UFO.

Earlier in the summer, Mr Shepherd photographed a block blob. He noticed a little black shape after an X shape of aeroplane contrails in the sky caught his attention. The strange UFO that was below them looked similar to what Mr Kingwell caught on video. Like what Alan described, the black shaped UFO lingered for around 10 minutes before it disappeared.

On September 15, John Mooner of Newton Abbot also saw the same UFO. He stated that he was sky watching with his Nikon P900 camera when he spotted the unusual object hovering just above one of the clouds. Since the object was stationary, he took a photo and continued to watch as it remained in one position for around a minute before it finally started to move and flew off at incredible speed. He then lost sight of the object as it headed towards some thick cloud cover.


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  1. Another Great sighting. I Am sure the being(s) in these objects.Are making Sure, people have a chance to view them. As they want UFOs acknowledged. NO MORE SECRECY!

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