World’s Best Places to Witness A UFO


No one knows what UFO is all about. Over the years, extraterrestrials have been dismissed as weather patterns, migratory birds, or commercial aircraft. To date, governments and authorities have not produced any groundbreaking information, but there is a list of hot spots which gives you the chance of experiencing a close encounter with a UFO.

1. Area 51, Nevada, USA
There are millions of people who claimed to have seen strange objects flying over Area 51. Although there is no official backing to such statements, many people speculate that it might be an army or commanding area of aliens. The secrecy behind it has whetted curiosity of millions and to extinguish their curiosity; they keep browsing through the internet to get News and Updates.

2. The Nullabor, Australia
Since the 1950s, this remote area has been a hotspot for UFO sightings. Many travelers claim to have been chased by humanoid creatures while driving down the empty roads.

3. The Molybka Triangle, Russia
This place is a hot spot of alien activity in Russia for over 100 years. Almost all locals in the area admitted seeing strange lights and symbols in the sky.

4. Roswell, New Mexico, USA
Roswell is famous for an alien incident that took place in 1947. William Brazel and his son claimed to have seen a bright light and a wreckage close to where they were working. Although he did not tell anyone, except his superior, the locals seemed to know about it and continued to search the answer for years.

5. Warminster, England
The Salisbury Plain is a home to the strange stone circles of Avebury, attracting alien fanatics who flocked around the globe to view the skies. In recent years, the crop circles have also been seen nearby.

6. El Enladrillado, Chile
The country’s tourist board has created the first alien trail after tons of extraterrestrial sightings was seen in 2008. The place is alleged to be a landing path for alien spaceships.

7. Wycliffe Well, Australia
Wycliffe Well is a self-proclaimed extraterrestrial capital of Australia. It has been a hotbed of alien activity since WWII. Locals admitted seeing lights in the sky frequently.

8. Bonnybridge, Scotland
This area is apparently an alien hot spot because approximately 300 sightings and encounters have been reported each year.
The only thing that connects these encounters is that these objects remain to be unidentified.

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  1. For any of us to think that “we” are the only intelligent life form in the cosmos, is not only the height of conceit but by sheer weight of numerical consequence, how superior do we think we are. A long-time hunting guide, when asked about the doubtful idea of the “Sasquatch” replied that in 50 years of guiding he had never come across a bear skeleton; does this mean bears do not exist? Ergo no evidence of “ET” means no “ET”

    • I was not denying that millions of people worldwide have seen UFOs, but that it was unlikely that millions of people had been to Area 51, a bit of an exaggeration, I would say.

  2. Absence of evidence does not mean evidence of abscence!

    I was commenting on the outrageous figure of millions of people in area 51.not that millions of people have seen UFOS

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