The Mysterious Story Behind Tomb Of Senemut


The star map was discovered more than eighty years ago. It represents the major part of the tomb’s decoration. On its inner part, there’s a sketch of the tomb owner which was later identified as Senenmut or Senemut. The latter was the steward of Amun, and he was also one of the most influential courtiers during the reign of the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut. Senenmut supervised the transport, quarrying, and erection of twin obelisks. The unique characteristic of the ceiling is its false orientation of the South panel. The panel’s center is occupied by the Orion-Sirius group, in which instead of being in the East, Orion appears to the west of Sirius.

The most popular orientation of the South panel is the direction of the person lying in the tomb, facing the vault. Such person must look north by raising his head, and not towards the South. The reversed orientation of the Southern panel appears to be moving eastward. Of course, in a wrong direction. Immanuel Velikovsky has made an interpretation in his book called Worlds In Collision. According to him, the South panel represents the sky before the East and West, North, and South, interchange their Positions in the celestial sphere after a cataclysmic event.

He concluded that a celestial upheaval, which is responsible for this astronomical anomaly is false. The builders have made humans believed that the great catastrophe that occurred 12000 years ago was due to a change in the ecliptic plane inclination of only 6 °, sufficient to cause a chain reaction Cataclysmic on our planet. With the details transmitted by the Builders, we can then provide a simpler and more rational explanation for this astronomical anomaly about the tomb of Senmut.

At some point, there have been distorted, and disuse of the information, but the essence of its history will never cease to exist.

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