Argentina Police Photograph Alien Being


Police managed to snap a strange being on a mobile phone in Corrientes, Argentina after terrified teenagers alerted them of an unusual behaviour.

When the police arrived in the area, the teen witnesses pointed them towards a park where a strange creature was spotted.

Then the officers lost track of it after the bizarre being fled the scene and went to a nearby river.

Conspiracist Terry Larch said that the photograph is incredible and may be one of the best pieces of evidence showing that aliens have been living among us.

According to the report, the police wandered over slowly as they approached the strange thing. They realised later that the being did not look like a human, but something else entirely. It appeared to them as a mythical looking other-worldly creature, typically an extra-terrestrial depicted in movies and drawings.

Larch noted the features of the alleged alien and its striking appearance. He said that the shape and size of the mysterious creature were rather remarkable to see. He added that its head was oval and the eyes were almond dark. Larch also noticed the three fingers of the alien that were protruding outward.

However, debunkers believe that it is a CGI hoax. They explain that the alien in the picture is an edited version of an alien from Spanish horror movie Ovni or from the ET film Signs that starred Mel Gibson.

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  1. Donot believe it at all another dumb ass in holloween clothing to scar the people just as the goverment has always done. Come on people we need good proof if you want someone to believe you we want clear pictures and clear videoes of the entities wheter eating fruit or running around on on all fours read my tone CLEAR , CLEAR, CLEAR UNCANNY PICTURES/VIDEOES THAT PROVES THE FACT NOT THE FICTION EGG HEADS

    • @Jimmy: Due to your wild comment I see you to expect a real alien, ringing your door bell, to shake your hands and telling that he came from a far star system for just say Hello.
      You are to mix up too many wild and wrong stories to ‘build up’ your own so called reality. BUT – you have no any of tiniest idea of how universe is constructed, therefore do not have any connection – either telepathic or real meeting.
      Instead you call for CLEAR prove – images, videoes, and therelike.
      Obviously you have not grasped how universe works.
      So you waste your time by demanding such undeserved prove.
      Because it must be YOU yourself to push the button – to universe.
      But you – have no idea how to do that……
      So your lousy claims – due to your own unability – will just vanish in the big cosmos. Learn the cosmic rules first.

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