Two Witnesses in Different Location Notice Two Very Similar UFOs


The skies of Brazil and the island state of Saint Lucia became the centre of the news after two very similar UFOs were reportedly spotted for two days.

According to eyewitnesses, an air force helicopter was observed circling in the area where UFOs were spotted around 15 minutes earlier in Goiania, Brazil. Interestingly, the same thing had happened in St. Lucia where an air force helicopter was also seen 20 minutes after the appearance of a strange flying object.

Goiania is a Brazilian city and municipality. It is the capital of the state of Goiás and part of the Mesoregion Centre of the state of Goias. It is also part of Agglomeration Goiania and Goijani economic-statistical micro-region.

The eyewitness, who photographed the strange event, was on the balcony of his apartment in a building with multiple storeys. The witness, who did not want to be named, was left stunned after seeing the unusual object in the sky.

Meanwhile, the other witness was on vacation in St. Lucia when she thought of getting photos of the sunset from the balcony. The unnamed witness noticed a strange object on the pictures.

Saint Lucia is an island nation in the Windward Islands of the West Indies. It lies between the islands of Martinique and Saint Vincent. It is a sovereign island country in the Caribbean.

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