Author and Researcher Wants The Truth Of Her Aunt and Uncle’s Experience of Seeing A UFO and Aliens

Betty & Barney Hill

Barney and Betty Hill reported their UFO sighting experience while out driving in rural New Hampshire. Their story has become one of the most famous alien abduction accounts of all time in the past 60 years. Now, author and researcher Kathleen Marden, niece of Barney and Betty, shares her uncle and aunt story through the biography of the Hills.

Mrs Marden believes aliens exist because of the critical evidence from the famous incident. She was just 13 when the incident took place, but years later, she started researching what happened for the Hill’s biography.

Mrs Marden said that her aunt and uncle shared to her what happened and physical evidence added weight to the story. Among the pieces of evidence were the substance on the dress of Betty and spot marks on the car’s boot.

Betty’s drawing of the alien she believed she saw

Mrs Marden thinks there was an abduction. She stated that she was unbiased of her investigation. She analysed her relative’s statement from the alien craft, to being taken in and released back.
According to Mrs Marden’s analysis, the experience was real.

She said that her aunt and uncle did not want their UFO sighting to become public, but a newspaper reporter picked it up due to a breach of confidence.

The couple reportedly went to hypnosis, and further information emerged on what took place. They described the UFO as a disc-shaped craft with ten individuals that somehow not human. These strange-looking individuals were reportedly dressed in shiny black uniforms.

According to Barney, he believed the so-called aliens had a plan to capture him as they began to drop down out of the craft. Barney ran screaming to Betty that they had to stay away from the area or else the aliens would capture them.

The couple managed to get out from the scene, but they had little memory of what had occurred in the interim period.

Mrs Marden does not think the story was all just made up. She explains that the scientist investigators said Betty and Barney were mentally healthy and honest.
She suggests that people should stop speculating and look at the evidence instead.

According to Mrs Marden, she is not trying to convince anyone that the alien abduction story of Barney and Betty Hill is true.

Mrs Marden says that she only wants to separate fact from fiction and get the bottom of what actually happened because many fictions have been created around the story.

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