Former Area 51 Insider Claims US Navy Recorded Video Of A UFO That Defied Physics

area 51

A strange unidentified flying object reportedly outmaneuvered many F-18 pilots, a move that apparently defied physics. The incident took place during a terrifying encounter, according to an ex-senior U.S. national security chief who had time at the mysterious Area 51 facility.

Chris Mellon further said that U.S. Navy personnel recorded the UFO on video from the USS Nimitz during the encounter that lasted for several hours.

Mellon claimed to have served the U.S. federal government for almost 20 years in a series of national security positions in the administrations of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Mellon is one of former senior government insiders who have gone on record about unidentified flying objects after joining To The Stars Academy, a truth-seeking organization set up by former frontman of Blink 182, Tom DeLonge.

Mr. Mellon, who was also claiming to have work on classified projects at Area 51 in Nevada, detailed the incredible event that took place off the coast of San Diego in broad daylight.

He said warship Nimitz with a crew of thousands was operating in the area with Aegis class cruiser USS Princeton. All of a sudden a UFO appeared on the radar heading directly towards the battlegroup. The aircraft did not respond to radio calls, so the two F-18s were getting ready to intercept the target. While the F-18s came near to the bizarre aerial thing, the pilots saw the object in question that had no wings or exhaust.

According to Mellon, it was white, oblong, around 40 feet long and about 12 feet thick. He said one pilot tried to pursue the UFO while his wingman stayed high in the sky. The pilots were reportedly astonished to see the strange object reorient itself toward the approaching F-18.

After a series of strategic maneuvers, the UFO suddenly took a position directly behind the approaching F-18. The pilots managed to get a gun camera footage and infrared imagery of the object. They were clearly outmatched by a technology they had just seen, according to Mellon.

He said the object remained in the area for several hours after the pilots returned to the Nimitz. More F18s were dispatched but with the same results. Mellon suggested the U.S. Congress should investigate the events.

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  1. i was in my living room in nigeria and suddenly there was a beam of blue light that came in throgh the sealed roof top of the house and i saw myself going up into the blue light tube in the plantera was like a vision and it was real.i think ufo wanted to communicate with me from their planet

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