Bright UFO seen and filmed over Mexico


Here’s one new video of a bright unidentified object hovering in the sky above Mexico. This was filmed earlier this month (October 2017).

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  1. Looks like a balloon. Most UFOs, but not all, seem to be able to outfly.and out maneuver military jets.
    For a change, I would like to see a video of something that looked like a machine and not a blob or a light.
    Guess that’s asking too much.

  2. The object is quite near. It is evident from the fact that it is visible on the background of clouds. It seems it has landed somewhere near. Any investigation on that?

  3. if it was a balloon, it would’ve had a sporadic movement going where the wind would take it. but this object is definitely descending at a perfect pace and straight all the way down. no way a balloon would react like this. just wish someone closer to it would have a video cam handy to record its landing.

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