Eyewitness Illustrations of UFOs From Declassified Drawings


The Ministry of Defence (MoD) of the British Government had a UFO desk and telephone hotline that collected around 11,000 cryptic sightings between 1962 and 2009 from across the UK. The formerly classified files have been made accessible to the public. Among reports on UFOs and mysterious lights are drawings that attempt to describe the sightings.

Book author David Clarke said that sketches of UFOs might appear naïve or worthless if viewed from a purely aesthetic viewpoint. However, they are uniquely valuable historical documents in their own right and give light on how popular culture of the age and events imprinted on the imaginations of the people.

Among the most exciting drawings on declassified witness reports are the elementary school children’s crude crayon on construction paper drawings. The children claimed to have witnessed a flying saucer in 1977 altogether. Another notable illustration is a beautiful painting of bright white object spotted above a roof in Harborne in 1975.

The drawings depict the incredible diversity of movement, colours, and shape of the UFOs, ranging from soaring discs to dark triangular ships, and large hovering eggs. Each sketch and painting is with a personal account.

The MoD desk may be closed for good, but the visual record of these personal experiences will remain the evidence of a widespread, mysterious event.

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