Police Receives A Lot of Reports On The Strange Fireball From Anxious Germans


A bizarre fireball in a dramatic appearance was observed speeding through the sky over Germany. Citizens in Italy and Switzerland had also seen the UFO getting brighter and giving out the blue and green light. German police speculated that it was a celestial body.

The UFO sighting video shows the bright aerial thing speeding over the town of Hoeschen, sparking speculations about aliens. It then faded into the distance.

The fireball resulted in the number of calls received by the police. A police spokesman said that they could not tell what the bright light was.

Christian Hoppe, German air traffic control spokesman, said they could not tell anything other than saying that it was not an aircraft.

Anxious witnesses took to Twitter to share their thoughts about what they had observed.

Aliens spacecraft, a meteor, or a crashing Chinese space stations are just among the possibilities being put forward on the social media.

Most witnesses of the UFO came from the German states of Saarland, Baden-Wuerttemberg, as well as the southern part of Hesse. However, the same UFO was also spotted in Switzerland and Italy, particularly on the other side of the Alps at Lake Garda.

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