Bright Red UFO Moves Erratically Over Gloucester

UFOs over UK

The skies over Gloucester became the centre of attention after a bright red object was observed moving erratically last week.

Luke Kane spotted a moving object in the sky over Gloucester Quays around 6:30 pm on November 28. He saw the bright red object moving in different directions in a strange movement that he has never seen before. The UFO also would pulsate, according to Kane.

Kane believed that he could not have been the only person to witness the strange bright red.

No official explanation to the mystery at the moment and there is a big possibility it would remain an unsolved case forever.

Some experts in drone say that the flying object seems familiar to them. They say it could be a drone taking excellent photos of the city. They explain that the erratic movements could be due to the operator losing control of the drone after maybe the battery suddenly died.

They say that people in Gloucester have nothing to be afraid as Martians are not coming just yet. The UFO could be a drone taking amazing photos of Gloucester from above.

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  1. I saw the same red glowing sphere last year traveling west to east above Sunderland city at about 6pm can’t be sure of the month but it was late summer.A week earlier i saw a long white object with a bright blue light at one end and a red light on the other end traveling in the same flight path.Both must have been doing over a hundred miles an hour.

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