Bright Spheres and Evenly Spaced Beams of Light Below The Cloud Stun Deer Hunter In Missouri River, US

An image along with a report that was submitted to MUFON has intrigued UFO enthusiasts. A quality inspector for Boeing since 1980, who has worked before on or near fighter jets, has received a photo from his friend showing a mysterious phenomenon in the sky during sunset on 20th of November 2017. He felt it was so compelling that he reported it to the American-based non-profit organization, which investigates alleged cases of UFO sightings.

According to the report, his friend was with another guy making their way back to the boat ramp after a deer hunting along the Missouri River. When the sun had set around 15 minutes earlier, they saw an unusual group of lights over the clouds and beams of light reflecting off the river.

Missouri River UFO

The bizarre event only lasted for seconds, but his friend managed to snap a picture it.

The quality inspector said that there’s a possibility it could be just a fantastic sun dog-type reflection, but he was having a difficult time explaining the “chevron shaped group of lights over the cloud.” Furthermore, he was not so sure about the evenly spaced beams of light coming from what looks like to be the sun shining down in the cloud.

The sun appears to be reflecting off the bottom of the cloud, and the beams seem to be reflecting off the river if you look at the bottom of the clouds in the image.

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