UFOs caught on tape over Long Beach, California


I received this UFO video recently. This was filmed on 21st December 2017.

Witness report:I saw a huge white orb over my house in Long Beach CA. At first I spotted two objects crossing path’s with each other then focused on the larger one. As I zoomed in on my camera the UFO started ejecting smaller spheres into the atmosphere. The first ejection formed a triangular formation! As I kept filming the object started emitting tons of orbs falling in a steady stream from the main object. There were at least 40 smaller spheres emitted from the main UFO. Interestingly the smaller orbs were only visible through my infrared camera. This was recorded with my full spectrum Canon SX60 with a monopod in my backyard in Long Beach CA.

The first part of the video shows the raw footage and the analysis of the capture is presented in the end of the video.

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  1. “This is a caper of a pure cipher.”

    That’s what the guy that at the beginning of the video said in reverse facial speech.

  2. You have all seen something,night time.I have seen a UFO 8,55 pm early august 1976.The sun was just above the horizon.The rays of the sun bounced off this silver, stainless saucer.It was motionless for about 2 minutes.And then took off, the angle was about 13,5 degrees.

  3. I, along with A friend of mine, saw a flying saucer with blue lights around it in the sky, just before dark, around the year 2000, or 2001. We were on the Long Beach freeway, heading home from my classes at Embry Riddle (off campus). I was also attending classes at March Air Force Base, after attending the Long Beach site. Anyway, that craft was slowly moving along, and there were many cars on the freeway, but no traffic jam, or gridlock. Traffic was moving along. I figured the Government was testing their saucer, or something. I figured it could also have something to do with Hollywood, and another one of their alien movies. I told my favorite instructor about it, but he did not really say anything about it. He may have seen it before, heard about it from other students, or anything. Perhaps he was not allowed to say anything. I met someone who worked at Lockheed, and he told me some interesting things about actual alien bodies, area 51, or something like that, a space craft/ saucer, etc. I had every reason to believe him. Then there was another man, whose parents were good friends with his parents. Their grown son told us he too, saw a saucer with lights around it, in a color he said he could not even describe, because he never saw that color before in his life. I was still a young teenager then, and my father did not believe him, but I will bet he too, was telling the truth. Years later, I met an older man, who claimed he was abducted, and probed by aliens with large dark eyes. While this man was not a liar, he could have had an extremely lucid dream, which he thought actually happened, or it could have been slight mental illness, or both, or perhaps could have happened? I know that this person read many books, and newspapers, but I do not believe a space craft could have landed in his tiny front yard, due to lack of room, and surely a neighbor would have also spotted it? Although, some of his neighbors had drug/ alcohol problems, so even if they really had seen something, their credibility would have gone down the toilet. I had an evil, crazy neighbor, who made up all kinds of things, and was an alcohol/ drug addict. She was into Crystal meth, heroin, etc. and died a few months before her 44th birthday, after having been in hospice. She was true criminal, from a very early age, crimes such as burglaries, and shoplifting. I have, once again, gone totally off the subject of my saucer sighting, but she even stole from her own grandma. Anyway, I am an open minded person, especially after the things which I have personally seen, and experienced. After all, the Holy Bible, in Genesis, clearly states that God created the heavens, and the earth. Key word: HEAVENS! God created ALL. So yes, I do believe aliens from above exist, or have existed, or still do exist. I have just never seen one, myself, that I am aware of. Oh well!

  4. I made an error, on my above lengthy posting. The parents of the young man were good friends with my parents. The young man who could not describe the colors of the lights on the saucer he claimed to have seen somewhere. I do not remember where he said he spotted it, perhaps some field somewhere.

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