UFOs seen and recorded over Santiago, Chile – January 2018


These multiple UFO lights were seen and recorded in the sky above Santiago in Chile recently (in January 2018).

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  1. These are T-35 airplanes from the Chilean Airforce. They fly in formation every year for graduation. Do a little research and by the way I’ve seen this same damn thing on this site before. This should never have been posted here.

      • Yeah your right kevin I guess it would unheard of for airplanes to fly in the early evening or night time. Only UFO’s would have light on them. So many stupid people on this sight.

  2. T-35 airplanes from the Chilean Airforce flying in formation for graduation. Its done every year and every year this shows up on your site.

  3. The Video doesn’t really show quite how big this object was, if it was an object. The people we were staying with in Santiago said that weird lights in the sky are seen at least once a week, but this sighting really impressed them. For me it was something I’ll never forget, personally I’m convinced it wasn’t a natural phenomenon or something man-made.

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