Alien Ship Discovered On the Moon


A YouTube video titled “Alien Ship on the Lunar Surface” depicts a sizeable strange object on the lunar surface. UFO and alien researcher Streetcap1 claims he got pictures of the mysterious object from the Chinese Chang’e 3 lunar rover, which was launched in 2013.

Streetcap1 says that he does not know what else it could be and encourage the viewers to look at the detail.
He claims that no colour or brightness adjustments have been made on the photos at all. He stresses that it is precisely how it looks on the Chinese Chang’e 3 photographs.

The video has received mix comments and got thousands of views.

Some say the photos are spectacular and that they are fantastic finds. Others suggest that alien ship or not, it is something that should not be ignored.

Others have accused the uploader as a hoaxer and that the footage is fake.

A day after the video was uploaded, he uploaded another footage revealing that suspicious viewers bombarded him. He claimed to have been getting a lot of hassle from non-believers and trolls on his last video.

He insisted that no point of uploading fake rubbish unless you’re in it for money. He explained he is in it for the Kudos, which he considered worth a lot more than money.

He added that he is proud of his work and it makes him angry when people accused his channel fake.

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  1. It does look like some artificial object. Has anybody tried to measure the dimensions of the object? Please throw light on the same.

  2. It is a shame people are pesimistic. Maybe they might selectively die and stop bothering people who will look into things without having been paid off. I can say that STREETCAP has produced several videos of intellectual quality and deserves Kudos for the fine work and the questions that he puts towards his own findings. Too bad the movie part is no longer available here. But I am optomistic it is still available from the chinese.

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