Professional Golfer Says ‘Call Me Crazy!’ As He Posts UFO Sighting On Twitter

UFO Mexico

Pro golfer Graham DeLaet took to Twitter sharing his UFO sighting, which had social media buzzing. The 36-year-old Canadian said that he saw the UFO over Ixtapa, Mexico and believed it was what it was as no other explanation he could think.

The PGA Tour veteran even shared a video recording of his sighting. The tweet went viral and many suggesting that DeLaet, whose career earnings reached US$11 million, had over-indulged in his brand of craft beer.

Others pointing out he had possibly saw the Musk’s SpaceX rocket, Falcon Heavy, in its final burn stage. Several others reported about the rocket in the southwest of the US.

DeLaet, who has more than 122,000 Twitter followers, answered back to his doubters saying that he has been looking at the sky every night and never seen anything like what he saw.

He said people can think he is crazy or whatever, but he believed that was weird.

However, minutes later DaLaet seemed to admit defeat saying that if this is what I saw (Elon Musk) then it was pretty cool he got to see it, adding that Elon Musk is smart.

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