Man On Fishing Trip Snaps Strange Crystal-Clear UFO


A fisherman claimed to have snapped a UFO while on a relaxing trip. The picture was reportedly taken at Nelson ledges state park in Garrettsville, Nelson, Ohio, USA. It shows a strange torpedo-shaped object above a lake and trees in the top-left corner.

A son of the man, who was not named, sent the image to the US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for analysis.

In the report, the man was fishing and taking a couple of pictures for memories. Later, while looking at the pictures, he noticed this strange looking object.

He did not notice anything unusual while snapping the photos.

He thought the object in question must be moving very fast and was caught on the photo at the right moment.

According to the report, the picture was taken on 23 October 2011, but just only recently it was sent to MUFON for investigation.

However, MUFON has been aware that many people have submitted bogus reports. Investigator Peter Davenport said that deception would continue in ufology as it takes place regularly elsewhere until such time will come when the mystery of UFOs finally laid to rest.

Debunkers believe the picture is genuine, but the object is not evidence of aliens and only something launched in the water, such as a stone.

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  1. I don’t have my glasses with me,at this time. I belive, it would be better. If we could enlarge some of these photos. To enable us,to see object’s abit closer. In my opinion. This is Not a UFO.

  2. If you enlarge this photo it is easy to see that the object has been added via a photo editor. A much larger pixel size on and around the object vs the rest of the photo. Definitely a hoax.

  3. If you enlarge the photo you can clearly see a much larger pixel size on and around the object vs the rest of the photo. Looks like the object was added with some sort of photo editor. Definitely a hoax…

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