Purported Miniature UFO Wreckage Found In Museum After Went Missing For Decades


After went missing for decades, the wreckage of an alleged miniature UFO has been found at a museum in the UK. Alleged fragments of a UFO, which was discovered in 1957 in Northern England’s remote area, have turned up in the archives of the London Science Museum.

The apparent flying saucer was noticed on Silpho Moor, an open land area in North Yorkshire. The incident has been eventually called Britain’s Roswell.

David Clarke, a principal research fellow at the Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, said that he discovered the artefacts after making a presentation at the Science Museum late in 2017.

Clarke, a contemporary legends expert, said that he discovered the fragments in a plastic box along with a compilation of files. He said a large tin cigarette box with a label marked ‘Victoria and Albert Museum – alleged UFO bits’ was inside the files.

At first, Clarke thought it must be a joke, or he found worthless pieces of metal. They were stored off-site, so Clarke arranged for the files to be sent to London for examination.

Inside the box was a collection of five paper envelopes, labelled A-E, that contains pieces of metal, tiny bits of copper foil, and fused metal/plastic amalgam. When Clarke examined the associated correspondence, he noted references to pieces of ‘The Silpho Moor Object’ with a note saying these were forwarded to the museum for scientific examination in 1963.

Three men discovered the object on Silpho Moor. They later paid £10 ($13.89) to another party who had removed it from the Moor. A section of the upper part of the said UFO was later on removed, and the object was split in two. Then extracted from the object was the central section, resulting to the revelation of copper wire that held a copper book, which contained 17 small copper foil pages.

Clarke said that the little copper foil pages were marked with hieroglyphic-type lettering, which interestingly corresponds with letters engraved onto the copper base of the primary object.

Until now, the mystery about the UFO remains. Stories and conspiracy theories have grown up around it.

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  1. this is just what I was looking for. I am currently making a paper about UFOs and how long that they have been around as well as how they react to us. thank you so much for your help.

  2. Reality Check, when looking at the possibilities of alien life considering technologies as of this date the emphasis should be on the aliens rather than craft.
    The craft can do whatever it is meant to do by whomever whatever created it.
    The focus should be on as in Majestic 12 paperwork.
    Chance of, capabilities far beyond our comprehension, our health and welfare, communicable disease and government primary concern is technologies and strain on financial and political control.
    Not to mention any psych mental capabilities and exactly what said aliens have as an ulterior motive.
    Who what where when why and why not.
    There is always a goal and always a ulterior motive.
    If they are that intelligent what would they want with us?….
    Maybe change the environment to their specifications for their life forms.
    Whatever the course, as long as we the people of the planet are kept from truth the assumptions will continue as will our little empires begin to crumble.

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