UFO over naval base Plymouth, UK – February 2018


Here’s one new footage of a bright unidentified flying object hovering above naval base Plymouth, UK. This was filmed last month (late February 2018).

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  1. great video,since there has been. So much done,with reverse technology. Since,the study of downed space craft. Could this be a case,of UK goverment. Own craft, being tested.And sighted as a UFO? I know,the United States goverment. Are now flying,reversed craft. Using reverse engineering. It’s hard to tell the difference. Between real UFOs and goverment reverse-engineered craft.

  2. Look this is the same white craft i experience 1970s know change still the same. Thankyou for your experience ,makes me feel better they are still around, must be getting closer to first contact to the world.

  3. Looks like an airliner coming straight at the camera, when it disappears, that’s when it’s turning to the right or left, then turning back toward the camera it reappears. The smaller light is an airliner further away. I’ll bet there’s an airport somewhere in that direction.

  4. I often wonder why they seem to show interest in our miliatary bases, particularly our nuclear ones. It does seem to me that either they are monitoring our nuclear stockpiles, or gathering strategic information, prehapse as a prelude to an invasion.

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