Former Pentagon X Files Project Head Reveals US Intelligence Officers Leak UFO Footage Themselves To Get More Pieces of the Puzzle


Defence officials need help from the public after all to find answers on top secret UFO videos. Former head of real life X-Files programme of the Pentagon revealed that defence officials leak UFO footage themselves to the public in a bid to find answers.

Luis Elizondo, the former top secret programme head, revealed that the releasing of two strange videos of UFO encounters late in 2017 was intended to ask help from the public in solving these mysteries by putting together more pieces of the puzzle.

The Pentagon confirmed back in December the existence of the $22 million programmed which investigated UFO sightings from 2007 to 2012.

In a recent video clip, Elizondo claims that the defence officials declassified and released the footages themselves so that members of the public could try identifying the mysterious objects in those videos.

The Pentagon claimed that the funding for the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) and its operation ceases in 2012 but Elizondo said that the program itself had not ended.
The bombshell revelations provide the clearest insight so far on the secret UFO project of the Pentagon.

Elizondo has promised to reveal some more information as long as it has been approved for release. Ufologist Alejandro Rojas said that the insider’s view of Elizondo is invaluable.

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  1. Sorry this is bullshit show me the videoes; not to listen to bull shitters, we hear a lot but see nothing!! written data means nothting without videoes. You can continue asking all you want but you will never get the truth or the goverment giving you anything but lies and death!!!!!

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