US Fighter Jets And A UFO Apparently In A Dogfight Over Lincoln County, Nevada


Two planes and a third object were captured on photos silhouetted against the sky above a patch of desert in Lincoln County, Nevada. Many believe that the dramatic photos show US fighter jets battling a UFO over Area 51, an alleged top-secret alien site.

UFO researchers Tim Doyle and Tracey Su captured the photos while they were camping out 12 miles from the military base.

They claimed that they spotted the two fighters soaring above and they decided to take pictures. Then a third shape appeared when they looked back at the images later.

The pair believed the trio were involved in a plane dogfight.

Tim described the UFO as similar to a triangular unmanned drone because it was probably too small to have a person inside it.

Tim added that it definitely looked as though the three crafts are interacting with each other.

The US Air Force base, located approximately 80 miles from Las Vegas, is thought to be the home of experimental aircraft development and testing.

The CIA only acknowledge its existence after a Freedom of Information request in 2013.

Many conspiracy theorists claim the highly secretive facility has been used for reverse engineering of a crashed alien spacecraft at Roswell in 1947.

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  1. Damn bloody cheek to publish a Ufo picture, giving a location, but without giving a date. It could have been years ago, and indeed is among others that are years old. The March 1 date is the date it as first posted on YouTube. If you complain about scientists not taking Ufos seriously, this might be one reason.

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