Amazing triangle UFO sighting over Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico 8-May-2018


Triangle-shaped craft was filmed over Air Force Base in New Mexico on 8th May.

Witnes report: at first two orange yellow lights just stationary In the sky then a third appeared in a triangle like formation. driving home from work on base, and casually glanced to my right (south) and noticed two orange yellow lights floating and casting a lot of light on the ground between 1 & 7 miles away. I pulled over to look closer and as I was recording with my phone a third appeared in a triangle formation with with the other two. they did not appear to move or fall I heard no audible noise. i know it was not flares from anything cause they were stationary and the only thing in the direction i was looking was open desert.nor was it an aircraft. after i observed for around 5 minutes they all just disappeared within quick succesion.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. June 11, 2019 at milepost 304 between Roswell and Ruidosa I seen almost the exact same thing except it was rectangle or straight. Other than that it was exact same color, no noise, lights blinked, it just disappeared? One other witness said n car with me. Never seen anything like this in my life.

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