UFO Researcher Reveals the Flight Path Of A Crashed UFO In The Welsh Mountains


A newly disclosed map might have an answer to the question whether a flying saucer that crashed in the Welsh mountains left a strange halo fire.

The incident took place in 1974 in the Berwyn Mountains and now popularly known as the Welsh Roswell. However, only recently UFO researcher Russ Kellett disclosed the map to the public.

According to Kellett, witnesses to the incident gave him the map showing the flight path of the UFO.

People reportedly heard a huge bang and felt tremors on earth, which took place amid claims of brilliant light sighting in the sky above the mountain range at around 8:30 on the night of January 23, 1974.
People at Llandderfel and Llandrillo reportedly heard an explosion, which measured 3.5 on the Richter scale.
Police reportedly arrived in the area while the search and rescue team of RAF was scrambled from Anglesey. There were claims that other military personnel were also present.
According to the Gwynedd police report, a massive explosion had taken place in the area and an enormous fire in the mountainside. One statement from a witness at the time said that they saw bright, coal fire red light in a vast perfect circle, similar to a big bonfire.

However, sceptics offered a simple explanation saying that a meteor, an earthquake or poachers were the cause of the noise and the alleged strange activity.

Mr Kellet claimed five witnesses had given him the map showing the flight paths of RAF jets and the UFO.

The map allegedly shows a red dot indicating the area of the incident and black dotted lines from the west leading to the dot revealing the alleged path of the UFO and RAF jets.

Mr Kellet claimed the five saw an unusual object and went out to have a look, but the military was in the area and asked them to leave. These witnesses then reportedly moved to a better position and began to take pictures.

The five witnesses were all friends, and four served in the military during the World War Two. After their sighting, they decided to investigate the case, and the map is the result.

Mr Kellet said that he received a package from the witnesses after his talk in Bala to a packed audience around the late 1990s or early 2000s. As he gets older, he decided to reveal the map to the public and see if anybody else could shed light on the incident.

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