A Video Showing Cluster OF UFOS Over Middlesbrough Sparks Online Debate


The video shows strange flying objects, which left a question whether it’s a military activity, a weather balloon, or evidence of space alien.

The object in question has a shape similar to a jet, and a cluster of four other UFOs surrounded it, which appear to be connected. The film of the UFOs was reportedly captured on April 5.

According to the report of the witness, they noticed some dark objects in the sky while walking home from a house of their friend around 7 pm.

The witness initially thought it was a flock of birds, but soon realised it appeared to be some kind of military plane flying in a slightly curved path with four small, round objects following it.

The witness managed to get their phone out and began recording. They reportedly observed it for approximately one and a half minutes before losing sight of the UFOs in the distance.

The witness reportedly heard just the sound of the plane as it passed over them.

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 shared the film on YouTube, which caused fierce debate among the viewers.

Many think it is a weather balloon while others believe it is a fighter jet and some say it is something more mysterious.

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