Swedish Town Residents Capture A UFO Apparently Pumping Water From Lake Malaren


The Swedish town of Strangas residents Karina Lindquist and her friend Mike claimed to have witnessed a remarkable phenomenon.

The witnesses were reportedly walking to Lake Malaren after midnight when a surprise came. They saw a large, glowing yellow saucer-shaped object floating above the pond that emitted a mysterious beam.

They later realised that the flying saucer pumped from the lake water. They then captured it on camera phones. Immediately after they got home, they posted a clip of their sighting on the Internet.

The video has relatively low quality, but an apparent glowing plate can be seen above the night lake.

The video seems to depict a scene from a sci-fi movie. The UFO appears to pump water from the lake. Conspiracy theorists say that unidentified flying objects tend to take not only people and animals on Earth but also the planet’s resources, such as fresh water.

Sceptics say that the video was intentionally blurred to hide the obvious. They say it is impossible nowadays to have a phone with a camera less than 3 megapixels. They say that these Swedes must have been so poor that they cannot have a modern smartphone with a decent camera.

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  1. I knew a straight no bull guy who was with his wife in South Africa who was stopped by police over a lake,everyone got out and saw a UFO disc shaped craft sucking huge amounts of water from the lake.After approx 5 mins it shot off at stupid speeds.Nothing was ever mentioned about this incident but was witnessed by about 30 people.This happened back in the 70’s.

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