Secret Documents Reveal MI5 Used To Hunt For Alien UFO Technology To Make Super Weapons

Alien enthusiasts claim there have been over 100,000 recorded UFO sightings around the world in the past 100-plus years.

A secret collection of papers containing detailed information has reportedly revealed that British investigators spent at least 50 years searching for UFOs in the hope of stealing alien technology. They were looking to build their super-weapons amid fears that either the Soviet Union or China had already impounded a UFO.

Dated between 1947 and 1997, the cache suggests intelligence services had not only one but two desks based around the idea of space alien visitors to Earth.

While one desk has been known to the public for taking calls from concerned citizens about possible UFO sightings, the other one worked in the background. The alleged secret office did the real work of sending spies to look into UFO claims.

Both UFO desks ran until 1997 when Whitehall expressed concern that services had begun becoming diverted from their primary duties. After the shutdown, officials wanted to know what had been learned out of the two desks that could be useful for military purposes.

ufos uk

A report titled Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) in the Air Defence Region of UK is set to be released after being declassified.

The report includes three files containing more than a thousand pages that were kept secret from the UFO records, which are scheduled for transfer to the National Archives as part of the Open Government project from 2008 to 2013.

The complete set of redacted copies was released ahead earlier this year to investigative journalist and Dr David Clarke, a university lecturer and curator for The National Archives UFO project from 2008 to 2013.

These documents revealed that the RAF expressed great interest in discovering UFOs to help come up with innovative ways to gain military advantage. Also disclosed is how spies were provided with tips about what to look out when identifying unknown objects.

Documented in the dossier is particular attention to be paid to any aircraft suspected to be a UFO.

One unnamed commander instructed to look out for high velocities, few radar returns, stationary flight and sharp manoeuvre.

Dr Clarke accused the MoD of desperately trying to delay the release of these formerly secret papers for over a decade.

He said that the documents had been partly censored but the fact the UK military was interested in getting UFO technology can’t be concealed.

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  1. Its about time they just admitted whats been going on for years, we know they are real they know they are real! I’ve seen 2 myself so stop trying to cover it up with bullshit excuses. And government excuse for they pose no threat when they fly around nuclear missile bunkers????

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