The Happy Mondays Star Claims He Saw A UFO and that Aliens Are Real


Good Morning Britain viewers were hysterical after being left with the claim of Shaun Ryder that he had seen a UFO.

Appeared on the TV show to mark World UFO Day, the Happy Mondays star told hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan about the time he saw a UFO as a teen.

Ryder said that he believes in UFOs because they exist. He explained that he does not believe anything these academic types have been saying because they do not know anything.

Shaun, 55, said that he saw a UFO when he was 15 working as a message boy for the post office. He saw a UFO zigzagging across the sky and then shot off at around 7 am.

He saw it together with a kid who looked at him, and they both did not say a word.

Shaun said that it was ridiculous to think humans on Earth were the only species in the universe.

Viewers like his appearance on the show with one suggesting on Twitter to have Shaun every day discussing a different subject. Some other agree with Shaun’s point about scientists.

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