George Knapp Strange UFO Stories Reported in the Huffington Post

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Reporter and media personality Lee Speigel talked about UFO coverage in the media, recalled his 1978 UN presentation on the phenomenon, and provided an update on the latest strange stories he has reported on over the last few months. He vehemently dismissed the concept that government forces control how UFO stories are covered in the media and noted that he has received no such interference at the Huffington Post. On the contrary, he theorized that insubstantial reporting on UFO cases may likely be due to the fact that these events rarely develop into larger stories and, thus, are deemed inconsequential by the media. Although Speigel expressed dismay that the ‘visitors’ continue to refuse to reveal themselves, he conceded that the immature behavior of the human species may be the true cause for our lack of meaningful contact with these entities. Featured guests also include: Nick Redfern

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