Strange Footage Shows Cigar-Shaped UFO Above An American Lake


A clip of an unidentified flying object over a US lake sparks speculations of the presence of alien life on Earth.

In the footage, a man is recording a video of a lake using his mobile phone. All of a sudden a UFO came into view that convinced him he had seen an extraterrestrial ship.

As he turns his camera around, the cameraman says “Hey! This is a spacecraft!”

A silver lining can be seen floating above the water.

When the clip is slowed down, it shows a clearer picture of the object, which looks like a cigar over the tree line.

The video was reportedly taken at Lake Norman, North Carolina in the US. YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 shared the clip online.

The footage re-fueled the debates on whether there’s extraterrestrial life on Earth.

Many believe this is a substantial proof that many of space aliens are here and they are among other things on Earth. They say there’s more going on than the public know.

Some users say that the clip is a great catch.

However, some have other ideas saying that the UFO is an advanced military aircraft.

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  1. I have HUNDREDS of similar photographs also over a lake but, here in northern WI.. I can veryify, whatever these craft are, whomever is flying them, they absolutely are, up there. Furthermore, being in contact with other UFO/UAP/AAV areal photographers, one in Witchita KS. (Also an aeronautics engineer) and one in Toronto Canada, whom have also regularly photographed these objects: We’ve determined they are not only up there, but, up there as Steve Basset of Paradigm Research Group says, in the tens of thousands any given minute (at least) somewhere in atmosphere around the planet.
    For all three of us, on any given random day/time, to be able to go out and photograph these, like this, they must be extremely numerous. Finally, having posted my pics to twittter @tyea99 brought a response from the government with suddenly our skies roaring here with F18’s doing circles and patrols over this 500 acre lake, so much so the last 4 days, the UAP have tenporarily vanished and it was witnessed that these F18’s did ‘give chase’ at least once, of these extremely fast UAP / UFO / AAV.
    I have no doubt “they” will return, and thus, am not going to post pics immediately to twitter anymore on e they do (they always return, they seem to like me (as I photgraphed these craft while living in two states) or are just so numerous, maybe in the millions, that they watch EEVERYONE constantly, is my only other explanation, so the government trolls following me will not know, until well after a digital capture is made. At least, that is the ‘thought’ that came to me as a result of the last few days jet activity after posting dozens of UAP pics…
    Yes, I believe these are Extraterrestrial, extradimensional, or extratemporal vehicles operated by an intelligent and may I add, I m certain, by testing this, telepathic species.
    I suggest everyone begin pointing their camera straight up on clearer days, at maximum zoom fir a few minutes, then review your own recording frame by frame. My camera does 25 frames a second, these objects/craft, apoear usually in 1-4 frames, or one to four 25ths of one second, then gone bit, return often in less than a minute (perhaps it only takes then that long to circumnavigate the entire planet, I don’t know but they are, extremely “fast movers” to quote a military term for).

  2. Thank you for tips to fellow believers.Is there any truth to the recently posted doccie in which it was claimed that alien craft are cleaning up the atmosphere?if true shouldn’t they be in our prayers?

  3. There is absolutely no point in showing videos of Ufos unless the date and location are mentioned. How are these to be listed accurately in Ufo archives for future reference? And don’t put the date when the YouTube video was posted, which is the current date, if the video clip shows a Ufo sighting of several years earlier. I am taking screen-shots of these to show on my Facebook group, so I need the full facts.

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