Caught On Video – UFO Lights Up Minnesota Sky


Guests and residents of Minnesota’s American Stillwater became the accidental witnesses of a bizarre phenomenon.

A vast circle made of multiple glowing balls appeared in the sky above the city later in the evening. Many witnesses managed to get the odd anomaly on videos and photographs.

Not long when all those videos and pictures got to the internet. Many ufologists concluded that it was an invisible UFO hovering above the earth.

They say the mysterious object was in camouflage to hide from human eyes, but the aircraft lights became visible to the observers.

Meanwhile, some sceptics would say it was just a spotlight on the clouds.

Either of the theories was not yet confirmed.

It was later discovered that no installations of projectors in the area at the time.

The witnesses reported the lights quickly flew to the side and did not disappear.

Some ufologists think that majority of UFOs are not alien as military and other government agencies secretly created them.

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  1. It just seems unusual. That the individual,who took this photo or video. you can not see any motion at all, in this. Strange,indeed….

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