Shocking Claim – Martian Male Warrior Skull Found On Mars


Many UFO enthusiasts are upbeat with the discovery of alleged alien skull with an antenna on Mars. Some alien hunters believe NASA has missed proof there’s life on Mars or the agency has concealed the truth.

Some conspiracy theorists believe they have discovered something strange from NASA’s Martian Rover.

They believe they have found a skull of an alien being on the Red Planet. The supposed creature is claimed to be a male warrior. What makes the alleged creature even more interesting is the fact that it looks to have an antenna.

Some UFO hunters have been expressing their dismay over NASA of allegedly looking at mathematical stats, measurements, surface pressure, wind speed and hundreds of other stats instead of doing their job to report signs of intelligent life.

They think the skull has an extended cranium, beard, chin, mouth, nose, and eyes. They even believe that it belongs to a male warrior because the helmet can be seen with a ridge down its centre of the forehead area to the centre of the cranium. They also point out a ridge around the broken area.

However, sceptics and NASA have been explaining that the skull and other similar discoveries are just the effects of pareidolia. The pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar shapes or objects in textures or patterns such as a rock surface.

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